[Language School] Boston International Academy
June 18, 2019

Name: Boston International Academy Location: Boston Application Fee: $ 150 12 weeks Tuition: $ 2,550 24 weeks Tuition: $ 5,100 Comment…

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[Language School] Bell
June 18, 2019

Name: Bell Language School Location: Brooklyn, NY Application Fee: $100 12 weeks Tuition: $ 1,180 24 weeks Tuition: $ 2,360 Comment…

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[Language School] Baruch College CAPS
June 18, 2019

Name: Baruch College CAPS Location: New York Application Fee: $25 application fee / $50 language testing fee 12 weeks Tuition: $2900…

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[Language School] ALPS
June 18, 2019

Name: ALPS Center Location: Seattle Application Fee: $100 12 weeks Tuition: $4,095 24 weeks Tuition: 8,190 Introduction: The ALPS Language Institute…

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美国烹饪学院/The Culinary Institute of America
March 20, 2019

美国烹饪学院(The Culinary Institute of America),正式缩写为CIA。美国烹饪研究院是全美最好的烹饪学校。始建于1946年,在美国算得上历史悠久。正因为此,直到现在,学校布局依然是古典、精致。 The Culinary Institute of America, officially abbreviated as CIA. The American Culinary Institute is the best…

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ELS语言学习中心/ELS Language Centers
February 22, 2019

The ELS Language Centers was founded in 1961. The campus is located all over the world. There are more than 40... Read More
Career services of Berkeley
February 11, 2019

Berkeley 给予学生特别关注,为他们在纽约的学习和生活创造最为舒适的环境。学校的国际学生办公室 (International Student Office) 配有训练有素的员工,来帮助解决您的各种问题。自 Berkeley 接到学生的入学申请直至毕业之时,学生都能获得入学预备、住宿信息、签证、就业、以及适应美国生活方面的个人帮助。 Berkeley gives students special attention and creates the most comfortable environment for their... Read More
2019 JCEO 学生冬令营/2019 JCEO Winter Camp
February 8, 2019

时间飞快,转眼已是二月份了。 Time is flying fast. It is already February. 由纽约中心举办的为期一个月的2019 JCEO 冬令营已经圆满结束了! The one-month 2019 JCEO Winter Camp, held by the... Read More
How to get your IDNYC
January 23, 2019

  Have you ever had trouble with your passport and various identification documents? Now, there is no need to worry about... Read More