Arrival to JFK airport marks the first day of the 2020 winter camp, .The students have arrived safely to America! Although it’s the first day they look so tired~. At least some of them are excited about camp~~!

Students are on their way to meet their homestay hosts and to their introduction session! Aren’t you guys excited to meet your host? If you are, then look at the camera and say cheese~~

The introduction of the homestay hosts and their introduction for this camp was held at Eastern Christian School. Aww, come on guys!! Wow, some of you guys must be really tired to not be excited to see your host huh?

The kids have safely arrived at the Eastern Christian School. At this school, they will see and experience how American schools educate their students. Are you guys ready to go to an American school for the next two weeks?!?!?! I’m excited for you guys~


The New York Center team, members of the faculty of the school, and the homestay hosts have prepared a welcoming party for the students so that they can be comfortable as possible although the long trip from Korea. Welcome guys!! I hope you guys have a great time for the next 4 weeks.


The kids are receiving their introduction to the Eastern Christian School.



Students have met their host families and school faculties. This marks the start of the first day of camp! I can’t wait to see what is next for these students~!