Students have landed in America safe and soundly. As soon as they arrived in the US, they were introduced to and escorted to where they will be staying at for their first and second week of camp. During the first and second week, students will be staying at an American styled home that is run by their host family. Through this experience, students are able to experience how American children are raised in America. I can’t wait to see what is next for these children! I hope you guys enjoy your stay with them.



Students have met and introduced themselves to the host family. Through the next few days, these students will experience and learn new things from their host families. Are you guys excited? Because I’m very excited for you guys!!


After a long day from their long trip, the host family has made them a warm American home food to feed the students who must’ve been hungry all day long. Wow!!! What are you guys having for dinner?? Can I have some?? Through this meal, students can learn about the culture of America by having a typical American family meal. You guys seem to love it huh?!?!


After dinner, the host family and the students take some time to get to know each other better. Although the language barrier, students were able to become closer to the host family. Smile guys!! I love your enthusiasm for getting to know each other.