Today marks the first day of Week3. Week 3 involves the start of all outdoor activities where students get to explore and experience different attractions and places of the United States. Through these experiences, students will not only learn about American history through books but they can experience it physically by visiting places in America. As their first activity, students went to go ice tubing. Wow~~! You guys seem to have a lot of fun!!

As their second activity,  they have gone to the water park. Through this experience, the students were able to become closer to each other compared to when they have first met each other. Are you guys having fun?! I wish I followed you guys to the water park too!!


As their third activity, students have gone to the Empire State building. At the Empire State building, students have learned about the history of the buildings, those who have built the building, and the steps and tools needed to create such a phenomenal building. After taking in the knowledge of the building, students were brought up to the observatory deck. On the deck, they were able to see the beautiful scenery of New York City. Now that you guys are here, you guys are the real New Yorkers!! Tell your friends and families what you have heard, seen, and learned here!!

As their final activity, the students have gone to a theme park called Nickelodeon Universe. They seemed to have soo much fun at the theme park~! I wish went with them!!